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Are you plagued by red mite? Looking for an easy-clean, no maintenance coop? Then look no further – here is a coop that is robust, long lasting, washable and secure, nd we are offering one FREE to the winner of this competition.

Manufacturer The Clever Coop Company is a family-run enterprise specialising in providing easy-clean and maintenance-free chicken coops. Having kept poultry for over 25 years, they understand the importance of keeping your chickens healthy and happy, whilst providing housing that is stress-free and simple to clean.

Our prize is a robust polyethylene, chemical and UV-resistant Standard Coop – retailing at £395 – that can be washed and disinfected throughout, with the added ease of a removable litter tray. It can house approximately four medium sized hens (more if bantams) and is insulated with adjustable ventilation and integral nest boxes. The base is designed perfectly so that it can be sat on a 4 ftx 2ft framework should you require ground clearance with the option of adding sand into pits for extra stability.

Clever Coops, made in the United States, are delivered flat-packed and take less than 30 minutes to assemble as the panels ‘snap’ together.

What customers say:

“One of the easiest builds ever.”

“I have had wooden coops over the years and none are built to last like this.”

“I would never buy another wooden one after buying yours…”

MORE: visit www.theclevercoop company.com, call (01780) 411194 or email info@theclevercoopcompany.com


See page 8 in the June issue of Your Chickens. UK entries only

To order: www.buyamag.co.uk

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