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Welcome to our new smallholding club page! This page lists active smallholding groups and associations around the UK.

It has been a real pleasure to get in touch with these clubs and see all the fabulous things they get up to! From harvesting to welfare, competitions and recipes there is something for everybody.

  • Cheshire Smallholder Association – A dynamic and enthusiastic group of small scale and hobby farmers, horse enthusiasts and countryside lovers.
  • Fenland Smallholders Club – Fenland Growers, Smallholders and Crafters is a practical and social club which forms a network of families across Fenland. We are a community of people who can offer each other advice, support and help. The club also facilitates the exchange of produce, skills and ideas.
  • Kent Smallholders – We were formed in 1987 by Hadlow College, to whom we are affiliated. We are privileged to hold our monthly meetings at the college with like minded people, who enjoy the countryside and the rural way of life, which is our only criteria for membership.
  • The Small Farm Training Group – The Small Farm Training Group (SFTG) is a non-profit organisation based in Sussex, covering the Surrey and Kent areas too. Our aim is to enable members to learn new skills through networking – both online and in person – and from our great value training courses on topics from animal husbandry to land management to crafting.
  • Staffordshire Smallholders’ Association – We are a group interested in animals, horticulture, the countryside and rural activities. The
    Association is open to all – whether you have several acres of land or just a window box. www.staffs-
  • Cornwall Smallholders – We are a friendly group of smallholders in Cornwall, including both experienced and novice members with
    a smallholding of a few square metres, to a holding of over 60 acres. Everyone is welcome to join. Established in 1985, the group provides a forum for smallholders of all persuasions to share ideas, problems and offer a supportive community.
  • Suffolk Smallholders Society – Suffolk Smallholders Society formed 28 years ago, a group of like minded people interested but not necessarily active in smallholding, self-sufficiency, allotments, fruit and vegetable growing and animal husbandry on a small scale. Group activities and training include ‘Nosey Sundays’ on a member’s holding and the AGM veg show and meal.
  • The Norfolk Smallholders Training Group (NSTG) – The group put on training in a range of smallholding skills. The current courses on offer range from Pest Control to Beer Brewing and past events include Wet and Dry Felting, despatching and preparing a chicken for the oven to sheep husbandry for beginners and for the more experienced. They produce a club magazine called ‘Harrowing Times’ plus twitter @nstgnorfolk and on Facebook
  • Dyfed Smallholders Association – Dyfed Smallholders Association is one of the oldest groups and covers Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion, although members from anywhere are welcome. Dyfed Smallholders Association is for anyone who is interested in the countryside; whether you’ve got 200 acres or a window box for salad, there is lots that might interest you. Secretary Sarah Taylor email:

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