We have teamed up with Hentastic to offer five treat bundles each valued at more than £55

Hen treats are the focus at Hentastic – boredom busting is the goal! Providing hens with entertaining activities is crucial to their wellbeing. With a range that varies from interactive feeders to health-conscious complementary food, Hentastic treats are perfect for happy, healthy hens!

Treats should be around 10% of a hen’s diet, and provide additional nutrition. Hentastic uses natural products, without animal by-products.

It’s also important to be interactive with your flock and keep them stimulated. That’s what makes the Hentastic feeders so unique – the Chick Stick feeder can be hung to create a Chick Stick bobbing frenzy, while the Fun Feeder allows you to ‘hand-feed’ your excitable hens!

This prize bundle features the most popular products from the Hentastic range, including convenient pre-filled feeders and plenty of refills! There are also some brand new products for 2018.

More: www.unipet.co.uk/hentastic

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