We have teamed up with Chuxaway to offer you the chance to win one of two automatic door openers worth £95

Here’s a chance to win one of TWO automatic door openers for your hen house.

Your Chickens has teamed up with leading manufacturer Chuxaway to offer these fantastic prizes, each worth £95.90.

The Chuxaway Automatic Chicken Door Openers will be delivered with aluminium door kits.

Chuxaway is a small family business based in Hampshire and set up in 2010. The family behind the business was seeking an affordable alternative to those early morning walks to the bottom of the garden to let the chickens out and frantic evening rush to get home before dark to safely lock them away!

The Chuxaway SCX boasts a seven-day timer with easy manual override button. Use of a timer (rather than dawn to dusk control) ensures that you can control when your chickens are allowed out; this can be essential in the summer when the sun can rise as early as 5am. There will be no noisy chickens or cockerel strutting around waking and disturbing the neighbours at unsociable hours.

It could not be easier to control when your chickens are allowed out and safely locked away. Just programme the timer to suit your needs. No calibration is required and installation is easy. The SCX with aluminium door conversion kit retails at £95.90 inclusive of UK postage.

For further details, see their website www.chuxaway.com and also on eBay.


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