‘Penthouse’ even has an upstairs room. Find out how to enter here

Now here is a superb prize for one lucky reader!

Your Chickens has teamed up with the Domestic Fowl Trust to offer a prize of their popular Half Pint Penthouse.

This charming hen house, retailing at £300, even has an upstairs compartment complete with perch, nest box, and pophole, as well as a sliding removable roof for ease of cleaning.

There is very easy access from the front and rear and through the roof. The house is suitable for three small chickens or five bantams. The dimensions are 4ft x 4ft x 4ft (122 x 122 x 122cm).

It is bio-secure – the roof covers both the house and the run, protecting your chickens from wild birds.

The Domestic Fowl Trust, based in Warwickshire, has a long and distinguished history. In 2014 it was bought by Alister and Beccy Jones, who had their own established poultry breeding business nearby.

Today the Trust encourages poultry keeping and helps new owners discover the joys of owing their own hens. It sells a large range of poultry equipment, chicken houses, health products, bedding and hen food, as well as an extensive range of breeds.

MORE: Visit the website www.domesticfowltrust.co.uk, email dft@domesticfowltrust.co.uk or call 01789 850046.

TO ENTER, see the May issue of Your Chickens, on sale now. www.buyamag.co.uk

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