Edward from Hentronix talks us through why an automatic door opener can keep your chickens safe in their coop – and make looking after your brood easier

Is there an automated door opener suitable for my chicken coop? And will it be difficult to install?

Automatic door opening and closing solutions at Hentronix can fit many types of chicken coop doors. Whether you own an Eglu Coop, a Clever Coop Company Coop or a homemade wooden coop with a custom door, there’s a versatile range of automated door openers and one will work for you.

There’s a number of ways to power the automatic door openers. They can operate via a solar panel (always included with the purchase of a Hentronix product), or mains electricity. Hentronix’s openers use a robust 12v system rather than AA batteries!

Installing the door openers couldn’t be easier; and products from Hentronix are aided with easy-to-follow videos to help you set them up. Edward at Hentronix comments, “Installation needs to be done properly and our customers have responded to our videos really well. Some of our units only take a few minutes to set up!”

Watch a Hentronix door opener fitted onto a horizontal sliding door below:

Will using an automated door keep my chickens safe?

Losing your brood to a fox or other predators is devastating – and an automated door opener can increase protection of a chicken coop. Not relying on flimsy string mechanisms that lift doors open and down, the self-locking automated door openers either close according to dawn and dusk. There is also an option to program specific opening and closing times using Hentronix’s innovative smartphone app! Once the doors are closed and locked, predators are kept out for good.

Edward adds, “They’re a failsafe. There’s always the one time you may forget to close the doors and there’s no going back once a fox visits.”

How can an automated door opener on my chicken coop make my life easier?

One of the main benefits to using an automated door opener on your chicken coop is that taking care of your chickens becomes simpler. The option to have doors open and close automatically is such a help when going away on holiday – instead of relying on someone to check your chickens twice or three times a day, the doors allow your chickens to be let out in the morning and, safely and securely, locked in at night.

With busy professional lives, it isn’t difficult to see why you may forget to check your chickens are shut away for the night. Especially as each season changes and it gets lighter or darker earlier and later, an automated chicken coop door opener can ensure your chickens can leave the coop in daylight and be locked away when night falls.

Edward comments, “Chickens want to be out when it’s light outside – and should be in when it’s dark – but it’s understandable that people are busy perhaps at work or doing things around the house. This is when the automated opening and closing solutions come in handy.”

At Hentronix, the introduction of iPhone and iPad control (and soon to include an Android version) is a technological revolution for those with chickens. With the ability to programme the automated chicken coop door openers to open and close to suit your chickens’ routines, it makes taking care of chickens that much easier. It can even take into account that one boisterous chicken that has to stay out that bit longer than everyone else. “Our customers know their chickens the best – their personalities and quirks – and this programming tool can ensure they’re let in and out at a time which suits them best.”

The app can open and close doors manually from up to 100ft away, and works using Bluetooth. For those that have already purchased products from Hentronix, the app is available as an upgrade.

To find out more about automatic chicken coop door openers, visit hentronix.co.uk or call the Hentronix team on 07803 779059.

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