It seems that there are almost as many books about keeping chickens as there are actual chickens. No fear. Your Chickens will be your indispensible guide to picking the best for you

So you are keeping chickens and want to learn all about henkeeping. You have come to the right place! Every month, a team of Your Chickens experts will be giving you clear and concise information both in the magazine and on our website to help make your hobby as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

We will also be giving you lots of tips about other sources of information and advice, including books and DVDs.

Over the next six issues, one of our experts, Jeremy Hobson, will be telling you all about his 10 favourite henkeeping books. In Hobson’s Choice, Jeremy will choose two of these titles every month and take a detailed look at them.

Jeremy will be an excellent guide. He has kept hens for 40 years, and has written more than 20 titles himself, including a number of books about chickens. One of the best sellers was Keeping Chickens, with beautiful pictures by artist Celia Lewis.

Next month, Jeremy will focus on an excellent general guide to the hobby and another, more detailed, guide to breeds. In forthcoming issues, he will feature other titles covering a wide range of issues relating to henkeeping.

A key focus, of course, will be keeping hens in an ordinary suburban back garden. It is now estimated that more than 500,000 people are keeping hens in this way and Your Chickens is aimed specifically at them.

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