Pure Poultry, near Taunton in Somerset, offers a huge range to choose from – and you will be assured of sound advice too

Pure Poultry was established two years ago by Miles Boarder and Rick Warner who, between them, have more than 50 years experience in keeping and breeding chickens, ducks and geese.

Miles said: “It’s great that so many people have come to the hobby over the past five years. We wanted to provide amazing quality birds, sound advice, and support no matter at what stage people are on their chicken-keeping journey.”

Miles and Rick now have more than 100 different breeds of pure bred chickens, ducks and geese, many of these considered rare. Customers love the different combinations of breeds for their set ups, with their Sussex and Leghorn’s rivalling the egg production of many hybrids.

Another popular feature with customers is the fact they are allowed to wander around the poultry pens at their leisure, seeing all the birds in the feather, both the mums and dads and all of their offspring.

They fully vaccinate their stock, with the whole process of putting 10 different vaccines, including Mareks, Infectious Bronchitis and Mycoplasma, through the birds taking around 12 weeks to complete. In their opinion, vaccination is vital if the bird is to be kept at all free range.

Pure Poultry is a very family-orientated farm with Miles’ four children showing many customers around on a busy Saturday. But Miles always does like to give you the time you deserve in walking around and discussing the various breeds, housing, and fencing requirements, so its always best to book an appointment.

Your journey with Pure Poultry doesn’t stop at the farm gate, as they offer a full aftercare service, including an annual MoT for your flock to include full worming, spraying, dusting or just a visit to say ‘hi’ and see how the lovely chooks are doing.

As they breed the birds themselves, they have an intimate understanding of the appropriateness of housing and fencing, and this is why they offer a full set up service which is the critical first step before you even consider getting any birds.

They are open all year and have excellent availability on most breeds due to a rolling breeding programme. They can be contacted through the website www.purepoultry.co.uk or call Miles on 07827 371 874

Caption: Come and see more than 100 different breeds. There is always a friendly face to show you round them all