We have lots of buttercups, and I am concerned that these may not be good for my new chickens. Should we plough them up?

Charlotte Popescu says:

I wouldn’t worry too much about the buttercups. Chickens tend not to eat and leave well alone any plants that are poisonous to them. Buttercups are acrid with a bitter taste and so hens wouldn’t want to eat them. A chicken might possibly be seen to peck at the flower, but would then decide against eating it. I am sure there will be plenty of grass and lots of green weeds that your chickens will be able to feast upon. Chickens will eat many of the flowers that are edible to humans such as primroses, dandelions, violets, pansies, marigolds, and they like these because they are mild with a sweet flavour and smell. I wouldn’t go to the expense of ploughing up your patch as the grass and weeds would take time to grow again.

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