A new chicken wormer has just been launched on the market, and it can be administered in drinking water.

Panacur® AquaSol was launched by MSD Animal Health and will be available to small-scale poultry keepers from vets.

Until now there has only been one licensed poultry wormer, Flubenvet. Another product, Verm-X, is an organic way to improve intestinal hygiene.

A spokesman for MSD said the new product is simple to use, convenient and provides economic treatment and control against common intestinal poultry parasites.

Katie Pitman BVet Med MRCVS, of MSD, said: “Worming programmes are a necessary component of poultry health management and a Panacur AquaSol programme has many advantages.

“Worming flocks via the drinking water is a simple option, however in the past it has proved to be problematic as many compounds are prone to sedimentation and require constant or regular stirring. This is not the case with Panacur AquaSol which is very stable in suspension.”

MSD says it is an evolution of a product that has been used safely and effectively across a wide range of animal species for more than 30 years. Panacur AquaSol was put on the market after extensive field trials. It is not yet clear when it will be available from vets or what the cost will be.

MORE: www.msd-animal-health.co.uk

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