I have two pure breed Rhode Island Reds. They are two years old and one of them has had runny droppings (greyish with white and sometimes brown diarrhoea). She was wormed for seven days with Flubenvet. That made no difference. I then treated her with Verm-X tonic for three days. Still no difference. During this time she seemed perfectly healthy and is laying regularly. I then took her to the vet who put her on Sylan Sol Powder, for five days. Still no change! Any thoughts on this?

Victoria Roberts says: The different droppings from your one hen could be food related. She may have found a plant which has upset her normal gut bacterial flora. I suggest you give them both cider vinegar (10ml:500ml, plastic drinker only) in their water for three weeks (then one week a month), which will help to restore normal gut conditions. Remember that the normal caecal droppings are made about twice daily and are a different colour and consistency from the normal dark solid droppings with a white tip. It is a good sign that they look look well and are laying.

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