Will chickens be at risk from my dog?

Q:I want to keep chickens but have two dogs. What’s the best way to introducing my dogs to the new members of the family?

A: Poultry expert Terry Beebe says: This is a tricky question as the dog being compatible with the chickens will depend solely on the dog. Some dogs are perfectly safe with the birds while others will never like the chickens and will, if given the opportunity, do them harm.

The breed of dog makes no difference. It is down to the dog’s temperament and how it feels about the birds. The only way to try this is to be with the dog and allow it to see and be with the chickens with you in control of the situation.

I would never leave a dog on its own with the birds until I was totally convinced it would be safe to do so.

As a rule, once the dog sees the birds you will be able to tell from its reaction just how this is going to turn out.

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