I really want some chickens, as many of my friends already have birds; the problem is, I have a very small garden so I am wondering what kind of chicken will be OK in a small space. I have an area of about six feet square and enough room to put a small hutch for them to sleep in.

Francine Raymond replies: This can depend on just how small the space is? Chickens need some room to be able to exercise and scratch around but provided you only keep a very limited number you should be fine.

(A normal sized chicken does need a couple of square metres per bird) By the way you described your limited area you may be better selecting a breed that is classed as a bantam, these are a miniature version of some of the larger breeds and can be kept in more confined spaces.

If you buy young birds check and look at the adults to give you a correct idea of the size when they become full grown and try to keep just two or three birds to prevent them from being overcrowded.

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