Chicken coops Wild West style

We all know that they like to do things big in the United States … and that goes for henkeeping too. We recently carried a feature about the poultry world across the Pond, and this month we feature a chicken run set out as an entire main street in a Wild West town. The photo was supplied by our of our regular writers, Terry Beebe, who produces a poultry magazine for the American market.

Terry said the amazing run was built by Brent Englehart and Beth Roark from North Carolina.

“The idea came when Brent decided that he wanted more chickens for the supply of eggs both for his own family and friends. After a family discussion, it was decided that an ordinary chicken house was not going to be the answer,” said Terry.

“Beth wanted something special on the yard for the children Mason, 13, and Mikayla,10. They decided on a single building in five sections. This now houses around 100 chickens plus a brooder room with four individual brooders in which they have hatched more than 50 chicks this year.

“The project was started in February this year. Brent paid special attention to the windows and doors, which are original and date back to the early 1900s, all of which lock for security. The whole thing was finished in May.”

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