When prevention is better than cure

For years there has been talk about how to remove red mite from the poultry coop as poultry keepers battle with the effects that these small but deadly pests have on their chickens. Red mite are hard to eradicate; they cause stress in the birds through transmitting diseases, plus they can live up to eight months between feeds. They are a constant threat to the welfare of chickens and treatment can be costly to the keeper and detrimental to the chicken.

Biolink believes that prevention is better than cure and, as a result, has launched the two-step ALLMITE Programme, combining Poultry Shield cleaner and sanitiser, plus Diatom powder to ensure the eradication of red mite in the poultry coop. Poultry Shield keeps your chickens healthy and clean, while the Diatom deals with the red mite at source. It has proven killing ability.

Derek Gray, Biolink co-owner, says: “As the UK’s only approved supplier of naturally sourced Diatomaceous Earth, it is economical and user-friendly and a small amount goes a long way.

“It is highly effective in killing red mite and, combined with Poultry Shield, ensures that chickens are kept safe and disease free so that they can prosper in their own environment.”

As Poultry Shield removes the organic matter where red mite breed and leaves no residues, the Diatom is absorbent and dehydrates the red mite. Derek continues: “Poultry Shield is widely recognised as the most powerful animal house cleaning product on the market.”

For further details on the ALLMITE Programme, visit: www.biolinklimited.co.uk/allmite; email: info@biolinklimited.co.uk.

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