I have five laying hens of different ages, but I am only getting one to two eggs a day. Is there anything I can do to boost there egg production? Susan Collard, by email

Jeremy Hobson says:

You don’t say exactly how different in age your laying hens are, or what breed. If some are at the end of their second laying year or beyond, a slowing down of their egg production might just be a natural thing. Also, some chicken breeds do not lay as well as others and even in full-lay, might only lay every other day or produce eggs ‘seasonally’ rather than for most of the year – therefore, they might all be laying, just not all on the same day!

I am assuming they are being fed on a correctly balance layer’s pellet (or mash) diet – the components of which they need to lay efficiently. Finally, have you checked that they are free or mites or lice and that they are not being disturbed by the presence of vermin such as rats; any of which will unsettle chickens and possibly put them off laying to their full potential.

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