Stephanie Holmes holds parties to show people about henkeeping

I have been keeping chickens for almost six years. I have an Eglu, which is made of molded plastic, which suits my needs as a keeper. I move house around every two years due to the nature of my husband’s work, so needed a house that could move easily with me and also one that I could move alone or with the help of my children.

My children are very involved in looking after the hens, including the cleaning as well as the egg collecting and eating of them.

I run hen parties to give people an idea of what it is like to keep chickens in your own back garden. It is very sociable and rewarding. I meet people from all walks of life who all have the one thing in common – chickens!

The course involves spending around an hour outside with the chickens, talking about the different houses, the requirements needed, food and nutrition, and we also handle the birds and look at their anatomy, discussing how we can tell a healthy bird.

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