The campaign to end intensive chicken rearing continues

Around 90% of UK chickens are still reared for meat in standard intensive systems. This chicken is usually the cheapest on the supermarket shelf and the meat found in most sandwiches and restaurant meals.

The Chicken Out! campaign wants to put an end to the intensive ‘factory’ farming of chickens with the help of consumers, politicians, producers and retailers. Campaigners say these chickens are farmed in barren and crowded sheds with no outdoor access, no natural daylight and little room to move freely.

“These birds have been selectively bred to reach slaughter weight in around six weeks. These unnaturally fast growth rates result in millions of chickens suffering from painful leg disorders, breathing disabilities, ammonia burns and dying of lung or heart failure,” said a Chicken Out! spokesman.

“More and more consumers are voting with their basket and choosing chicken meat from higher welfare systems. When you’re shopping for chicken, always look for chicken labelled free-range, organic, RSPCA Freedom Food or higher welfare indoor.”

The Chicken Out! campaign, launched by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall of River Cottage fame, is supported by Your Chickens. Find out more at

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