Hurrah summer is nearly here, the time for doing all those outdoor tasks, pottering in the garden and making the most of the sunny days (we hope) and light nights. Remember, too, it’s a time to stop and relax and one of the best ways to do this is with your hens, who are quite simply some of the best time wasters in the world.

Egg Club

An increasing number of our supporters are raising funds by donating the proceeds from egg sales and they have been an inspiration to us. We’ve been inundated with all your Egg Club stories and photos, like that of Diane Slaney who has 60 hens who kindly fundraise for us on a daily basis. Diane started the club as a way to indulge her passion for hens and help the BHWT at the same time. She has raised over £800, a sum of which both she and her girls are proud.

Our step by step guide to starting your own Egg Club:

1. Adopt some of our lovely hens

2. Spoil them with good quality feed and lashings of TLC

3. Explain to the girls that as part of their retirement it would be nice to help their working colleagues by laying eggs for your egg club fund

4. Ask friends and family for a donation in exchange for gifts of freshly laid eggs

5. Once your egg round becomes regular, give it a name!

Send us your first donation and information about your club, preferably with photos, and we will send you our fab free sticker… you can’t buy it on the High Street!

If you would like to know about the BHWT Egg Club before joining, simply drop an email to and she will be happy to help.

Social Media

When I first set up the charity, I’d never heard of social media although that won’t surprise my colleagues, who know I’m a bit of a Luddite when it comes to anything remotely ‘new-fangled’, they would say I’ve not really improved either… And they’d probably be right! My first one page newsletter went to 34 people by email, and I thought I was cool…

Yet now look at us, we’re on Facebook with a friendly following of nearly 13,000, we tweet to over 4,000, we are making our Pinterest boards more interesting, and very recently we even entered the realms of Linkedin. Please do take a look and get social with us:


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