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Are you looking to decrease your carbon footprint while supporting British farmers? The Smallholder Range’s Non-GM Soya Free Layers Feeds provide a premium complete feed and an excellent choice for smallholders, especially those who are mindful of their green credentials.

Enhancing its non-GM policy, the Smallholder Range has replaced the non-GM soya in its Natural Free Range Layers feeds with field beans to produce The Non-GM Soya Free Layers Feed.

Historically, soya has been heavily used in poultry feed as an important source of protein, but many consumers are increasingly concerned about the miles soya travels in order to be included into feeds.

The majority of the world’s soya crop is genetically modified (GM) and with supplies of non-GM soya dwindling, the risk of contamination is increasing. In order to maintain the important non-GM status of their feeds and to reduce the environmental impact of feeding your birds, the Smallholder Range has successfully replaced soya with carefully prepared and cooked field beans, which supports British farmers and reduces food miles, wherever possible. This lowers the feed’s carbon footprint and ensures that only the highest quality ingredients are used from assured, reliable suppliers.

Natural Free Range Layers feeds provide a premium complete feed that is nutritionally balanced. These feeds provide all the vitamins, minerals (including calcium) and ingredients needed for good sized eggs with a natural golden yolk and deep rich taste, now with the added bonus of being soya free.

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