Your Chickens reader Hazel Patience sent us this story about her greedy chickens

One lunchtime my hen Flossie came to my French doors making a rattling sound and struggling to breathe. A quick phone call and she was on her way to the vet.

After an examination, the vet decided she probably had a blade of grass or a seed stuck in her throat. She was given a shot of antibiotic in case her throat was scratched and taken home to see if the obstruction would pass on its own. An hour later all was silent and a happy chicken running around as though nothing had happened. The next day I came into my kitchen to find my hens clustered round the dog’s bowl pecking at the dry food. I sent them back outside and a few moments later I had a repeat of the day before. I then realised she must have swallowed some of the dog’s food and, when she had a drink, the food swelled in her crop causing the funny sound until it passed through. If I had realised this before I would have saved myself a �40 vet bill. The dog bowls are now safely out of chickens reach!

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