Lonely hearts column started for lovelorn roosters!

A chicken charity has set up a lonely hearts page for cockerels.

After being inundated with calls from people trying to find loving homes for their handsome chaps, the British Hen Welfare Trust decided to do something to help.

A lonely cockerels noticeboard now features on the charity’s website where people can go to post their ads in the hope that a new home can be found.

For a small donation of just £3, you can post a photo and relevant information about a cockerel – fetching feathers, pleasant personality etc, anything that would ‘endear’ him to potential re-homers.

Jane Howorth MBE, charity founder, said: “We love ALL poultry here at the BHWT and know that many cockerels struggle to find a home, which is why we set up our cockerel lonely hearts page.

“The charity isn’t a sanctuary for poultry and we focus solely on the re-homing of end of lay commercial hens, but we felt it might be helpful to try to find these chaps somewhere they can live with a flock of hens as nature intended!”

People simply need to include their contact details with their ad so that potential re-homers can get in touch!

For more details visit www.bhwt.org.uk

The eligible bachelors

1. A Blue Orpington: This handsome chap is nine months old and keen to find a harem of hens for him to look after. Leatherhead area.

2. An Indian Brahma: At six months old this Indian Brahma is very friendly and curious and can’t wait to have his own flock. Shepton Mallet area.

3. A Gold Laced Orpington: This pure bred cockerel was hatched with his brother but wants to find a home of his own with no other male competition! Leatherhead area.

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