Last month, our writer Charlotte Popescu told how one of her hens stole her ear studs and swallowed them. A young reader had a similar experience…

Y oung Nicki Mercer had a shock when she went to check her birds – her cockerel nicked her earrings!

Nicki,12, from Faringdon, Oxfordshire, said: “One day after school I checked my hens.When I came to Cheesepuff, my cockerel, he was staring at me intently, I picked him up and he leaned over to my ear and snatched one of my expensive earrings!

“He jumped off my lap and legged it. When I finally got to him he had swallowed it. If that wasn’t bad enough he came back for the other one and got that too. Thankfully there were no side effects.”

In last month’s Your Chickens, Charlotte Popescu said that her hens sometimes peck at her teeth. Worse than that, she has had THREE ear studs stolen and swallowed. Charlotte says they seem to mistake the jewellery for tasty treats.

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