An ornamental breed available as large fowl and bantam

The King of Chickens, the Brahma was developed originally in America from the Asian Shanghai fowl and Indian Grey Chittagong, and there was much competition and debate between breeders until the official name of Brahmapootras was adopted (later shortened to its current spelling). Nine birds were imported to the UK in 1852 and presented to Queen Victoria. Upright and sedate birds, Brahmas are imposing in a garden setting. Though they possess the heavy leg and foot feathering typical of Asiatic breeds this does not seem to interfere with their otherwise fairly active nature. Colours include dark, light, white, gold, and buff Columbian. Easily tamed, they are ideal in the garden, as a low fence will contain them and they are very tolerant of each other, the cocks being relatively quiet (although by no means silent). Hens will lay a good quantity of small eggs throughout the winter when other breeds are not laying. The only downside to them is that, being large, they aren’t particularly suitable around small children, and do need quite a bit of room.

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