Have you tried easichick bacteria-free poultry bedding yet? Hundreds of poultry keepers have, and haven’t looked back.

We are giving away loads of easichick in this great competition! Two winners will each receive an easichick branded jacket along with five 10kg bales of bedding, prize packs worth £85 each.There are also four runners-up prizes of five bales, worth £35 each.

easichick is a unique dust-free bedding treated with an organic additive making it biosecure and free from moulds and bacteria that can harm your birds and their eggs.

The bedding needs minimal mucking out and its consistency means it doesn’t blow around, making it ideal for inside and outside your poultry house. It is also comfortable and absorbent, is approved for organic use and is biodegradable so you can spread it on your land.

Jo Barlow, a keen poultry keeper in West Cornwall, and a Your Chickens writer, said: “I love everything about easichick. It goes a long way, is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and smells fabulous. It even makes poo picking in the morning very easy; there’s hardly any waste and I use it in the chicken’s woodland area for scratching after it has been in the coop. It rots slowly and provides the perfect place for foraging.”


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