Are folding arks an option for moving hens around an allotment or garden? We can’t let our birds free range, so need a more portable arrangement.

Andy Cawthray says:

Fold arks (and poultry tractors) are an ideal solution to the problem of being able to make use of a chicken’s foraging behaviours and supplying a flock with fresh ground on a frequent basis without needing to free range them.

My advice is to visit a poultry housing stockist if possible and try a few designs out. Preferably you need a unit that can be easily moved by two people, and ideally moved by one person. Units that have wheels on are great in this respect as they can be moved a fair distance by one person. If you can’t lift at least one end of the ark or unit on your own then walk away; it won’t serve the purpose you need it for despite how desirable it might be in terms of appearance or size.

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