Andy Cawthray gives guidance on transporting your hens

When it comes to transporting chickens around, be it from one pen to another, to an auction, to a show or exhibition, or simply bringing them home to roost, there appear to be all manner of carriers and crates that get used.

I know from my own experience, when I was having an end-of-season clearout of the equipment shed, that I’m in possession of a large number of ‘chicken receptacles’ which have all, at some time or other, been required.

There’s quite a cross section from traditional to modern, reusable to throw-away and even hobby to commercial, and each, in my view, has its pros and cons. Needless to say, each of the carriers has its place within the poultry keeper’s tack. Which you use will very much depend on the focus of your poultry keeping experience. I make use of them all each year… which might explain why I rarely see the back of my equipment shed!

See our November issue – one sale from October 15 – for a comprehensive guide. Andy looks at the pros and cons of commercial crates, dog cages, the ubiquitous cardboard box, purpose-made pet carriers, traditional chichen baskets and exhibition carriers. He also gives details of suppliers and outlines the DEFRA rules on transporting chickens.

We also have three carriers to win in a competition in the same issue. Each one is worth £80.

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