Even the most unlikely birds are getting in on the act!

Ophelia went broody again and is now sitting on her second lot of eggs for this season. This time she has a mixture of eggs: Light Sussex, Lemon Pyle Brahmas, a gold laced Orpington egg and one Buff Cochin. All the eggs are from Salisbury Market. Another little black cross breed is also sitting. And Gwen, my gold laced Wyandotte has just started sitting on a mixture of 12 copper black/blue/splash Marans eggs.

I have no idea what is going on this year – I have two of the most unlikely hens that have gone broody – my silver spangled Appenzeller, who is unimaginatively but aptly named Appy, seems to be broody – she is about seven years old and has never gone broody before in her long life; she is a light breed so not the type to usually go broody! Then my Exchequer Leghorn (another light breed that is definitely meant to be a ‘non-sitter’) has also fallen victim to a bout of broodiness. I am amazed at these two sitting in their nest boxes and am afraid they will have to go into my airy coop aka jail in order to be cured. I cannot cope with any more mother hens!

BIRDS at the fair

Livi only had four chicks but is very happy with her little family. Two out of six Lakenvelders hatched and two of my own eggs hatched: a Welsummer and a copper black Marans cross. She and her four chicks came with me to act as a visitor attraction at the Horningsham Village Fair; the little Welsummer chick got the most compliments! Livi and her chicks proved very popular but stayed at the back of their little run as much as possible putting up with many passing dogs making a beeline for her and chicks. It was undoubtedly a stressful day. Back home, though, they are up to no good, getting through the netting into my strawberries and generally misbehaving!


The Exchequer Leghorns are coming on nicely but they are so skittish. It looks like I have two cockerels and five hens which is an excellent result.

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