The great Verm-x giveaway

Ten readers will each win a £30 products voucher

Here’s the great Verm-X giveaway! The company has teamed up with Your Chickens to offer readers £300 worth of products.

Ten lucky readers will each win a voucher for £30 worth of Verm-X products of their choice.

Verm-X is a blend of herbal ingredients that contain complex active constituents that have been used for thousands of years for maintaining all areas of intestinal hygiene offering control and protection.

Verm-X works to create an environment in the gut and digestive system that is able to eradicate and expel intestinal challenges. Unlike some pharmaceutical products that act with a purging effect, Verm-X is very gentle. With the regular feeding of Verm-X this environment will stay maintained throughout the year providing your animals with constant protection. It is difficult to stop your animals from picking up challenges; the key is stopping them from settling and doing any damage.

The active ingredients in Verm-X are all herbal and natural. Herbs have been used for centuries and there are no reported cases of resistance.

Verm-X is a powerful product and the environment Verm-X builds is not only able to remove any current challenges but also acts as a preventative.

In November 2010 the Verm-X Smallholder range gained approval for use in organic systems following assessment by Organic Farmers and Growers Ltd, making these the only products of their type available.

To view the full range of Verm-X products please visit or call us on 0870 850 2313 for a free brochure.

To enter see our April issue. Closing date for entries April 25, 2014

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