Discover the delight of poultry keeping with The Domestic Fowl Trust – and win the Half Pint Penthouse Chicken House – valued at £499!

The Domestic Fowl Trust is dedicated to helping enthusiasts find joy in poultry keeping and supporting new owners as they embark on their feathered adventures. Offering a variety of agricultural supplies, products, and nourishment for the well-being of flocks, including poultry equipment, chicken houses, vitamins, minerals, health products, bedding, and hen food, the Trust serves as a reliable resource for all aspects of poultry care.

Established in 1976, The Domestic Fowl Trust began as a modest initiative dedicated to the welfare and conservation of domestic poultry, particularly rare breeds. From its humble beginnings at Dorsington Manor to its expansion onto a farm in Honeybourne, Worcestershire, the Trust’s commitment to promoting poultry welfare has remained unwavering. Evolving into a hub for enthusiasts, breeders, and those intrigued by poultry keeping, the organisation has become known for advocating for heritage breeds and the preservation of genetic diversity within poultry species.

As the Trust’s reputation grew, so did its offerings. From comprehensive guidance on poultry care, breeding, and conservation to a diverse selection of poultry feeds, healthcare products, and essential equipment, it has become a go-to destination for backyard poultry keepers nationwide. The line of poultry coops and houses, many of which are still handmade in the UK, reflects the dedication to providing comfort and safety for cherished flocks.

Enter for a chance to win the Half Pint Penthouse Chicken House from The Domestic Fowl Trust, valued at £499!*
This popular hen house features an upstairs compartment complete with perch, nest box, and sliding roof for effortless cleaning. Designed to accommodate 2-3 chickens or 4-5 bantams, it seamlessly combines functionality with charm.

With handles on each side for easy manoeuvrability, this coop offers convenience without sacrificing quality. Its bio-secure run, encompassing both the house and the run, ensures the safety of your flock from wild birds and their droppings.

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* Terms and conditions apply and can be found on the entrant form. Don’t miss out – the competition closes on 7 June 2024. Good luck!

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