Win a Hotline poultry electric fence kit to celebrate the opening of the English Country Life shop.

The 50m electric fence kit provides a fantastic setup for a first electric fence. It consists of:

  • 1 x 47HLC120 Gemini 120 dual-input energiser
  • 1 x 50m green poultry net
  • 1 x Hot Gate system
  • 4 x Double-spike corner posts
  • 1 x LED fence tester
  • 1 x 1m earth stake
  • Ground skewers, pegs, corner guys and repair kit.

This is the very kit that Hugh and Fiona began with and, as you add more chickens (because chicken maths is real!), the energizer can easily cope with 100m or even a 150m of poultry netting. The Gemini energizer range can work from the mains or from a 12V battery – it’s your choice. We love hot gates so one is included in this kit – they make entering the enclosure simplicity itself with no need to turn off the power. The extra corner posts means changing the direction of the fence need not lead to a drooping, shorting fence.


To enter, click here. Simply enter your details and answer the question: How many Joules does a Hotline Gemini 120 Energiser Output?

Hint: The answer can be found on

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