Bowhayes Trees offer vigorous growing, hardy trees for windbreaks, screens and coppicing

Looking for a fast-growing hedging option for your smallholding, which will give you good shelter for livestock, crops or buildings with wildlife interest? Or perhaps you’re looking to grow your own fuel?

Bowhayes Trees is a specialist nursery offering hybrid willows and poplars as well as a wide variety of native trees and hedging.

The willows will reach up to 7m in height after four growing seasons and maintain this height whilst throwing up new shoots from the base. Our poplars grow at approximately 2m per year to produce large handsome trees with a stout trunk. They make excellent high screens and windbreaks.

Short rotation coppice (SRC)

Sustainably managed SRC provides a source of renewable energy with virtually no net carbon emissions, in addition to keeping your fuel costs low.

Bowhayes hybrid willow is an ideal contender for SRC as it coppices well and can be used as either logs for a log burner or chipped for biomass boiler.

– First harvest 4-6 years from planting

– Trunks between 8-10cm diameter

– Approximately 3-8 tons of logs per year per acre, once established

– Average home burns 5 tons / year

Our willow and poplar are both available as cuttings or bare root trees.

Prices start at £35 for 100 plants.

Bare root trees and hedging

We also supply a large variety of evergreen and native hedging and trees of various sizes.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements or if you would like advice on planting schemes.


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