Golden Valley Llamas

Golden Valley Llamas is based on a 10-acre farm in Herefordshire. Aware that farmers and smallholders need to think of new ways of making a living, owners Amanda and Robert Dewar offer two self-catering holiday cottages and run a thriving llama trekking business. Supreme llama enthusiasts, the couple are pleased to offer advice and help to new and prospective owners who are thinking of buying llamas.

There are just 3,000 – 4,000 llamas in the UK and, for the large majority of owners, llamas are a field pet who are kept in pairs or herds. But there are openings into the economic niche world of the llama:

Trekking / tourism. There are few trekking establishments in the UK and several areas do not have llama trekking herds. Amanda and Robert have 10 years experience walking with llamas and can offer trekking llamas for sale.

Fibre. The coat of the llama is particularly fine and lustrous. Cottage-industry opportunities exist for processing the fibre. Many people knit whilst Amanda weaves rugs and sells these to trekkers and guests.

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