Shropshire sheep are traditional, easy-lambing and tree friendly

The Shropshire Down, to give the breed its full name, is a dual-purpose animal, producing high quality wool and lambs with meaty carcasses.

It’s a traditional British sheep which provides an excellent terminal sire and the ewes, with their docile characteristic of the breed, are easy to handle.

Known for their easy-lambing and maternal qualities, Shropshire ewes are prolific, milky and will readily rear twin lambs. Their lambs are energetic and hardy from birth, so only the minimal routine husbandry is required in most situations.A further and rather unique benefit of the breed is that they are considered to be tree-friendly; Shropshire’s graze reliably amongst trees, making them popular for small fruit orchards and Christmas tree growers.

Having grown in popularity in recent years, this native breed, which was developed in the West Midlands during the nineteenth century, has a strong breed association and always welcomes new members.

MORE: Visit or Facebook page ‘Friends of Shropshire Sheep’ for more information.

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