The days of wooden hurdles and a pocket-full of string are fast disappearing as today’s sheep keepers increasingly utilise modern equipment and technologies

Electronic ear tags are now compulsory – who would have thought that five years ago?

A good handling system is essential, especially when time is short, for carrying out the many jobs of a sheep farmer. The more versatile the better, bringing sheep to a central handling point is often not viable. That’s where a mobile handling system comes into its own.

“We don’t see mobile yards as an aspirational product but a basic tool used in farming practices allowing you to carry out your job in a safe and effective way, from footbathing and drenching to tagging and drafting,” says James Ridley, managing director of Rappa.

With over 30 years of experience in the sheep industry and 20 years’ experience in sheep handling equipment, Rappa launched its own range of mobile sheep yards four years ago.

“My father started Rappa in the ’70s by developing products that helped sheep farmers in a practical, operational and safe way,” said James. “Our ethos today is to innovate and listen to our customers, that’s why every Rappa mobile system is built to meet our customers’ individual requirements whether they have 10 sheep or 10,000.” MORE:

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