Keder Greenhouses

Keder Greenhouses, established for more than 25 years, offer a variety of super strong designs of greenhouse’s suitable for any location no matter how extreme, as an alternative to traditional glass houses or polytunnels.

As a manufacturing and design business with their roots in growing, Keder know what gives the best crop return for structure investment.

The purchase of a greenhouse is not something normally undertaken lightly, due the costs and time involved which is why Keder have designed greenhouses to not only perform exceptionally well but be extraordinarily durable and low maintenance.

In this age of Faith in Food security and the frequency and strength in seasonal storms increasing, buying the right greenhouse to perform and last is critical.

Keder Greenhouses use a layered bubble plastic laminate material that has been specifically

developed to combine fantastic light transmission producing a scattering of light allowing the protected growing environment to be evenly lit, without shadows. This product

gives exceptional heat insulation. Keder’s ventilation systems have been designed to promote healthy plant growth, excess hot air is removed from the greenhouse from the top.

Guttering is integral for rainwater harvesting on models 4m wide and beyond. The steel used in construction is high tensile and galvanised inside and out to provide a tough rust free structure for many years.

The Keder range caters for almost every space from 2m square to acre coverage.

There is also free delivery to any mainland UK location for Keder kits.

MORE: For more information visit or telephone 01386 49094

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