Make sure it gets to your chickens instead … with a Grandpa Feeder

If you are losing your chicken’s feed to vermin then now’s the time to buy a Grandpa’s Feeder. These feeders will ensure rats and wild birds can’t access the feed; once on the platform the chicken’s weight governs access. The Standard and Large feeders are also totally weatherproof. Grandpa’s Feeders will allow poultry owners to go away for weekends or longer without worrying about feeding their fowl. The Standard Feeder holds 9kg of feed and the Large Feeder 18kg. 9kg being sufficient feed for 10 chickens for 6 days.

Grandpa’s Feeders are made of high quality galvanized steel which ensures a long working life, and are designed for outside use. Many people who bought them when they first were introduced in New Zealand 18 years ago are still using the same one today. The standard feeder sells for £99, the large for £135 inc Vat, (both plus £12.50 p+p). Grandpa’s Feeders are excellent value, and will quickly pay for themselves.

Grandpa’s Feeders come with a 12 months guarantee and make wonderful year-round presents.

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