SAC Consulting deliver advice to smallholders and crofters

SAC Consulting

The new Scottish Farm Advisory Service is offering advice for smallholders and crofters. The service is delivered by advisers from the SAC Consulting, part of Scotland’s Rural College.

Here are some tips for spring:

Colostrum for lambs

– Remember the three Q’s – Quality, Quantity and Quickly;

– Freeze 200mls of colostrum in ice cube trays for easy and quick defrosting;

– If tubing ewe colostrum, add a little warm water to help flow.

For more information:

Feed ewes soya

– Give soya in the last three weeks of pregnancy to increase colostrum;

– Only a little is needed 100g per lamb carried per day;

– Soya provides special protein called DUP which increases the amount of protein the ewe can digest.

Dig a hole

– Count the worms – around 10 in a spade full is good;

– Grass roots should be longer than 15cm. if not, soil may be compacted and need cultivation;

– Get your soil analysed for pH, P, K and Mg to ensure that the grass has the best opportunity to grow and reduce rushes and buttercups.

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