The Dryboot Company

The Harris Dryboot remains the only 100% guaranteed waterproof multi-purpose lace-up boot available, favoured by just about anyone who needs a comfortable, hardwearing waterproof boot without the inconvenience of a knee-length wellington.

The Harris Dryboot was recently shortlisted for the 2015 Shooting Industry New Footwear Awards. Here’s why:

u The top quality natural rubber construction is impervious to damage from bramble or rough undergrowth.

u An integral steel shank built into the non-slip sole adds strength and protection for heavy digging or when walking over rough terrain.

u Generous sizing allows for thick socks and is perfect for those with wider calves for whom a wellington boot is uncomfortable, if not, impossible to wear.

u It is lined throughout with cotton/jersey fabric which prevents the foot sweating – a common problem with wellies.

u Thick padding around the ankle area makes it extremely comfortable and prevents chafing or ankle rub.

u It is fully washable and quick drying, unlike a leather boot.

u At £59.99 per pair, it compares very well to other brands and styles that boast but cannot guarantee the same qualities.


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