PITTCH is a Great British brand offering Great British design in the form of vibrant, exceptionally styled Merino wool socks of the highest quality and fit for all seasons.

PITTCH men and women’s socks are exclusively made from Merino wool, the most luxurious, breathable material available. Whether your needs are for city socks, performance socks, active socks or casual lounging in the country kitchen socks, PITTCH has a perfectly fitting pair of merino wool socks that will feel like they were made just for you. Our sock ranges incorporate different technical features carefully chosen to ensure each range delivers comfort, practicality and durability, without compromising the look and vibrant colours of the Merino wool.

With than 20 years of experience in the sock and fashion industry, Elisabeth Braddock has carefully sourced and blended the most vibrant colour ranges, and incorporated all the expected technical features to make our luxury sock ranges stand out from the crowd and a pleasure to wear.

MORE: www.pittch.co.uk facebook.com/pittchclothing, sales@pittch.co.uk, instagram.com/pittchsocks or call 01664 444030.

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