JANUARY 13, 2008: The Soil Association is hosting the 2008 Natural and Organic  Industry Awards. These awards have become the benchmark for excellence  and set the standard for innovation, quality and commitment within the  booming organic industry. Winners achieve immense kudos and industry  respect, as well as gaining huge competitive advantage from displaying  the winning logo on their products.

The 2008 awards are being hosted at the Natural & Organic Products dinner at The Great Hall at Chelsea Football Club on Sunday April 13.  To book tickets, go to: www.naturalproducts.co.uk/07/public/enter.aspxThe Organic Award categories this year are: Best Organic Home Delivery Service Best Organic Large Shop Best Organic Small Shop Best Organic Textile Product Best Organic Restaurant Best Organic Babycare Product Best Organic Facial Skincare Product Best Organic Bodycare ProductThe deadline for entries is Monday March 3. For more details contact Feona Horrex, Events Officer: fhorrex@soilassociaiton.org or T: 0117 987 4586.

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