Nathan Tyler of Radnor Oak in Powys, Wales, talks of the importance of oak framed buildings

Radnor Oak

The uses of oak as a material are many, from ship building to tanning leather. Oak framed buildings however have always been at the heart of Britain’s growth, stability and success. When choosing an oak framed building it is worth spending a little time to remember that all oak buildings are not the same. Here at Radnor Oak we take pride in the fact that our oak framed buildings have set themselves apart in terms of materials that we use, the high quality of craftsmanship and the exceptional value that we offer. Any craftsman will tell you that the best buildings are made from the best materials. Each piece we use is selected on quality and grade – not on price. The components of a Radnor Oak building are generously crafted using large and chunky timbers and are more substantial than the industry norm. Not only that but we are committed to providing you with a service that is personal, professional and enjoyable.

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