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Battersea Dogs & Cats Home cares for more than 3,000 cats every year. Around 32% of these come in as strays, and while some go to family homes, others are under-socialised and may simply have lived a very different life.

The home places great importance on animal welfare and Battersea works tirelessly for every animal that comes in to give them the best chance in life. For those cats who may not be a family pet, Battersea seeks out different types of homes or ‘outlets’ – such as smallholdings – an environment that is better suited to them.

Battersea’s Animal Partnerships team rehomed 110 cats to 33 outlets in 2016. They have all worked out successfully – for the cats and land owners. Each cat is carefully assessed based on their individual personality and recommendations are then made in terms of location and environment that is best suited to the cat.

Lindsey Quinlan, Head of Catteries at Battersea, adds: “Offering outlet rural homes to these cats means that they have stability in their life – all they need is shelter, food and water laid down for them. The cats still have the freedom to go around as they please and be their true selves.

“Cats will generally hunt due to their natural instincts and behaviour, but Battersea can never guarantee that they will be mousers. Some may only return for food, some may choose to come into the home, and if they do end up catching mice – then that’s a bonus!”

Rehoming an ‘outlet cat’ means that you’ll be giving these cats a chance to live a happy normal life with the freedom to be their true selves. If you can help provide a rural home, then please get in touch with any of Battersea’s three centres – London, Windsor (Berkshire) and Brands Hatch (Kent).

For more information, please get in touch with the Animal Partnership team on 020 7627 7886. Also see

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