David Parson offers a ‘stress free’ crochet pattern to create a Christmas chick

So in those quiet moments, I will leave you with a new skill to learn with a stress free pattern to complete. A Christmas chick that will hopefully bring both a smile and comfort. Have a good Christmas! I look forward to ringing my local church bells on Christmas morning. 

You will need: 3.50mm hook, 4 ply yarn (US = Sport Weight) lin two colours or DK yarn, safety eyes, polyester toy or other filling material.

Instructions: in English terms. Dc-double crochet.

English dc = US sc.

Finished size about 3.5”

Head & Body.

R1: dc 6 into a magic ring (6sts)

R2: dc 2 into each st (12sts)

R3: dc2 into each st (24sts)

R4-9: dc into each st (24sts)

R10: dc 2 sts together. Repeat 11 more times (12sts)

Put in safety eyes & begin to stuff.

R11: dc 12 (12sts)

R12 dc 2 into each st (24sts)

R13-15: dc in each st (24sts)

R16:* dc 3 sts, 2dc in next stitch*; repeat 5 times (30sts)

R17 & 18: dc in each st (30sts)

R19: *dc 3, then decrease 1*, repeat 5 times (24sts). Continue adding stuffing as needed.

R20: dc in each stitch (24sts)

R21: *dc 2, dec 1*; repeat 5 times (18sts)

R22: dc in each stitch (18sts)

R23: dc 1, dec 1, repeat 5 times (12sts)

R24: dc 2 together, repeat 5 times (6sts)

R25: dc 2 together 3 times

Cut yarn & fasten off.by pulling end through the last stitch.

Wings x 2.h

R1: dc 6 into magic ring (6sts)

R2 & 3: dc into each stitch (6sts)

R4: dc 2 in each stitch (12sts)

R5: dc in each stitch (12sts)

R6: *dc 1, dc2 in the next stitch* repeat 5 times (18sts)

R7 & 8: dc in each stitch (18sts)

R9: *dc 1, dc 2 together*, repeat 5 times (12sts)

R10: *dc 1, dc 2 together*,repeat 3 times (8sts)

R11: dc 2 together 4 times (4sts)

Fasten off. Stuff slightly.


R1: dc 6 into a magic ring (6sts)

R2 & 3: dc in each stitch (6sts)

R4: dc 2 in each stitch (12sts)

R5: dc in each stitch (12sts)

R6: *dc 1, 2dc in next stitch*; repeat 5 times (18sts)

R7: dc in each stitch (18sts)

Slip stitch into next stitch.

Fasten off. Stuff tail while attaching to body.

Comb. In second colour.

Ch. 5. Fasten off. Leave a long tail for sewing to head.

Beak. Cut diamond shape from felt & attach beak by sewing in the middle.

Christmas Hat

With red yarn. R1: dc 6 into magic ring; R2&3 dc into each stitch (6sts);  R4; dc1, 2dc in next st. repeat twice (9sts); R5&6; dc in each st (9sts) R7;dc2, 2dc in next st.(12sts); R8&9; dc in each st,R10; 2dc in each st, repeat 3 times (24sts) R11;dc in each st (24sts) Fasten off.

With white yarn make a band with French Knitting to fit around the hat & sew on.

Add white bobble.


This pattern can also be used with 2.50mm hook & 4 ply yarn which gives a slightly smaller chick with a closer tighter look to the crochet.

Please do not photocopy this pattern to sell.

Items made from this pattern are yours to sell or otherwise use as you wish.

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