Country Smallholding brings you a Specialist service for smallholders from Fidelius Insurance Services Ltd

As an industry leader with over 20 years’ experience providing bespoke insurance solutions for smallholders across the UK, Fidelius Insurance Services Ltd have now taken an innovative step-forward into today’s online world by way of their new website.

Visitors to this easy-to-navigate website can, at any time, obtain instant quotes, purchase insurance, and have their insurance documentation ready to print or download immediately.

“We recognised that, for many clients, regular 9 to 5 business hours were not always convenient,” said Bruce Archibold, Managing Director for Fidelius. “So with this new website, anyone can go online and instantly receive a quote for smallholder or landowner insurance, and the service is fully supported by our excellent Smallholding team and Axa Insurance.”

The website offers cover for livestock, employer’s liability, outbuildings, products and public liability, and machinery. Additionally, Fidelius can provide insurance solutions for flood risks, legal expenses, and more.

This new online venture is just one of many services offered by the Exeter-based business, whose Smallholding department is staffed by a diverse team who have a clear understanding what their clients are looking for and how they are best served.

“We are very versatile in how we can assist our clients,” said Kirsten Self, Senior Executive. “Whether the smallholder is new or experienced, we can help them to secure the right cover for their requirements. Our new website is a direct result of that approach, as we wanted to provide an alternative for those customers who prefer the convenience of conducting business online.”

Fidelius Insurance Services also provides an in-house Claims Management service, who are on hand to guide clients through this often complicated and frustrating process.

“Working with our Claims department,” Kirsten continued, “we can offer guidance on what areas our smallholding clients should be paying extra attention to – like theft for instance. We’ve seen a dramatic rise in the theft of small tools and vehicles recently, especially ATVs, so we pass along information like that to keep our clients as safe as can be.”

That versatility also extends beyond smallholding interests, to other areas which may relate to it.

“We’re seeing a natural progression for several of our DIY Livery clients to expand on their equine interests and turn to teaching,” said Steve Barrett, Senior Executive and Fidelius’ resident equine insurance expert. “DIY Livery insurance will not cover everything needed for that, however we can offer separate insurance cover to make sure their new activities are fully protected.”

With the new website ready to expand Fidelius’ first-class service into the world of online commerce, Fidelius Insurance Services is strongly positioned to continue to help their clients to always make the right choice.

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