Cherry Acres and the Clever Coop Company describe the hen housing services they offer

Cherry Acres

Cherry Acres Animal Housing is a family-run business located in Kent. We were founded in 2011 but have almost a decade worth of experience before that, working for some of the largest names in the animal housing industry, building everything from stable blocks to small chicken runs.

The entire business has been built around creating a quality product with a service that matches, whether that means answering customer emails quickly, or making a change to a product that takes it from being one of our creations to something special that fits the customers’ needs exactly.

We have had a lot of fun in 2014, especially with the bespoke housing which often becomes a part of our regular product range as well as taking part in a couple of shows. It’s always nice to see reactions when people first look at our products up close.

2015 will be an interesting year as we continue to grow as well as currently having a new website being built. This will reflect online what we’ve learned from our customers over the past few years, along with looking to add a few interesting website features that will hopefully add to what we already offer, so definitely keep on the lookout for us if you’re thinking of upgrading your housing.


Clever Coop

The Clever Coop Company is a family-run enterprise specialising in providing easy clean and maintenance-free, plastic chicken coops. The increase in popularity for ‘plastic’ chicken houses has been immense as more and more people are reaping the benefits from having a coop that can be washed and disinfected throughout, with the ease of removable litter trays as in the case of our Snap Lock housing. These benefits help towards keeping your chickens clear of red mite – something that can be near impossible in wooden housing.

Due to the demand, we are soon to launch a unique automatic door opener to suit our coops enabling your birds to be let out and closed in when you are not around – keep an eye on our website for details. Alongside our coops, we now have three mascots: Henny, Henry and Hector. These three large, metal chicken ornaments are perfect for your patio, garden, house or wherever else you need character!

Fight the Red Mite Battle – Spray, Wash, Disinfect.

One customer comment: “The quality of the chicken coop is excellent. It is well made and straightforward to put together and easy to keep clean.”

MORE: For more information and videos please visit or order over the phone on (01780) 411194 or email

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