Smallholder Range advise on keeping waterfowl, whilst Cyril Bason expound upon the wide range of poultry they supply customers

Feeding Waterfowl – Adult ducks can be fed layers pellets for ease of management if they are kept with chickens

• Smallholder Range

Keeping waterfowl, such as ducks and to a lesser extent geese, for their eggs is becoming increasingly popular, with many chicken owners choosing to keep waterfowl as well as poultry.

Although waterfowl need more space than poultry, they are usually just as easy to keep, providing their daily needs are met. Adult ducks can be prolific layers, with some breeds such as the Khaki Campbell and Indian Runner capable of laying more than 200 – 250 eggs per year, which is just as good as some pure bred chicken breeds.

While ducks and chickens have differing nutritional needs, when they are kept together it is possible to feed them the same diet for ease of management. Providing all your birds are over the age of 16 weeks they can all be fed the same layers pellets.

Although ducks eat grass and other vegetation, in addition to slugs, snails and insects, they will also require a balanced feed with vitamins and minerals included to lay good quality eggs. Smallholder Range, Natural Free Range Layers Pellets have a protein content of 16% and are ideal for all adult ducks. They can be provided on an ad lib basis, or alternatively ducks can be fed in the morning once they are let out of their house and again in the evening before they are shut away for the night. An average duck will eat 170 – 200g (6 – 7oz) of layers pellets a day. Unlike chickens who eat with a pecking action, ducks scoop their feed and so prefer to feed from a trough or bowl rather than a poultry feeder.

Find out more about caring for and feeding your waterfowl by calling the Smallholder Range Helpline on 01362 822 902 or visit the website at

Wide range of poultry supplied

• Cyril Bason, Stokesay, Ltd

The name, Cyril Bason, comes from the man who started the business way back in 1963.

Cyril began by buying large numbers of point of lay chickens and selling them. He also started selling a few broilers for those who required their own meat birds. Cyril employed the young David Evans as an apprentice. Almost 50 years later, with David now in charge, the company has gone from strength to strength.

Our computerised ordering and flock tracking systems provide for safe and accurate stock traceability. Our office team is made up of experienced, helpful, and friendly staff who are always on hand to discuss your requirements, offer advice, or to just chat about chickens.

Whether it’s a few chickens for the garden or larger flocks for more commercial production, we will be pleased to help. We supply a range of quality hybrid pullets. These are available as day-old chicks or as 16-week-old point of lay growers. Ross/Cobb meat birds are available at day-old or five weeks (off heat). Hubbard chicks are also available for slower growing or free range choice, as they are the UK’s most popular meat ducks. We also supply top quality goslings seasonally, and more than 60,000 turkeys annually for the Christmas trade as day-old poults or off-heat growers.

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