Experts at The Stables Workshop in Staffordshire offer advice

With the approach of winter weather, it is wise to consider whether your hen house is up to it. To stay functional over many years, strength of materials, quality of construction and thoughtful design are the no-compromise essentials to withstanding driving winter rain, frost and wind.

Solid, treated timber and quality galvanised fittings, however, are only a start; you, the poultry keeper, need to consider yourself too. On cold winter days you shouldn’t have to be kneeling in wet grass, reaching through a small opening that the makers described as ‘a large lift-off door to the rear’ trying to get to the other side of the house and hitting your head on the roof as you negotiate perches and nest boxes!

Everything, as far as possible, should hinge out of your way and easily remove to give you genuinely, easy, clear access to all of your house. Cleaning will never be a pleasure, but it can get close to being a breeze! At The Stables Workshop in rural Staffordshire, they rightly believe they’ve got it right, so if you’re about to buy your first house or renew one, why not check out their products.

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