Dobies have a new range for happy healthy hens – and will be helping the British Hen Welfare Trust too!

Dobies have been supplying a range of seeds, plants, bulbs and equipment to gardeners since 1810. With their range being bought by so many allotmenteers and smallholders, it was a natural extension for Dobies to introduce a range of products for backyard hen keeping as well, all with a focus on down-to-earth pricing.

Dobies recently acquired Ascott Smallholding Supplies Ltd to add to their range, with an initial focus on poultry supplies, but ultimately ranges that are perfect for consideration by serious gardeners/growers, allotmenteers or small holders! Their Good Life Chicken Keeping Collection was launched in April.

It is a well-known fact that hens benefit from free-ranging and access to greens and Dobies are delighted to have partnered with The British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) to launch a special seed range of herbs that have been specially selected to benefit hens and keep them healthy.

Lis Wallace, head of customer care at Dobies, herself a hen owner, was keen to work with the BHWT to raise funds and awareness of their work.

“Dobies are delighted to be supporting the BHWT in two ways. First, we have developed an exclusive range of four Herby Hen Seed Collections. These allow keepers to grow herbs that are beneficial for hens to eat. Each collection contains packets of herb seed that focuses on a particular health benefit. We all know that chickens enjoy green food, they love grass and many of the leaves and wild flowers growing in that grass. So, most will happily munch on herbs and those herbs will in turn help to keep the chickens healthy in the most natural of ways. For every collection sold, Dobies will donate £1 to the charity.

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Herby Hen Seed Collections

The herbs chosen each have multiple benefits and can be used as follows:

-Scattered in the run and nesting box to repel insects, parasites and rodents

-Fed fresh by being hung up to also create healthy interest

-Dried, crushed and added to feed or water

The following four herb collections are easy to grow, will help to keep hens happy and healthy and will raise funds for British Hen Welfare Trust. What more could a chicken lover possibly want? Oh yes, and the humans can eat the herbs too!”

The range:

Egg Production 
Collection code 435155

Fennel, Marigold, and Sweet Marjoram.

Individual RRP = £5.77

Collection price = £4 with £1 donation to BHWT

Collection Code 435160

Lavender , Catgrass, Mint.

Individual RRP = £5.87

Collection price = £4 with £1 donation to BHWT

Health Collection Code 435165

Nasturtium, Dill, Rosemary, Basil

Individual RRP = £4.77

Collection price = £4 with £1 donation to BHWT

General Maintenance 
Collection Code 435170

Parsley, Sage, Oregano, Thyme.

Individual RRP = £5.66

Collection = £4 with £1 donation to BHWT

A £1.99 carriage charge per order will also apply, irrespective of the number of collections ordered.

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