DECEMBER 2007: A number of factors including climate change, the spread of infectiousdiseases, agricultural and forestry practices and not least humanactivity are combining to place ever increasing pressure on the UK’salready fragile wildlife populations, according to a report for MammalsTrust UK.

Leading experts Professor David Macdonald and Dr Dawn Burnham, from the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at the University of Oxford, outline the current threats facing UK mammals in the report, entitled The State of Britsh Mammals 2007.The report includes many of our best loved flagship species, now protected under the UK’s Biodiversity Action Plan. These include the Scottish wildcat, mountain hare, hedgehog, red squirrel, pine marten, harvest mouse, grey and harbour seals, badgers, bats and otters.Last June the UK Biodiversity Action Plan  added 16 new habitats, eight terrestrial mammals and the common seal to the UK’s Priority List of Species and Habitats. Find out more:

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